Tour Description

Every traveler who finds himself in Catalonia is guaranteed not only a fascinating acquaintance with its incomparable architecture and nature, but also an exquisite gastronomic pleasure! We will definitely invite all connoisseurs of art and delicious unusual food to visit a tour that combines these two seemingly incompatible concepts!

As part of our tour, we will visit an oyster farm in Leocatte, on the border with France. We will be greeted by a bay of extraordinary beauty, where by nature itself conditions have been created for breeding more than 10 varieties of oysters. An incredibly informative journey into the world of sea delicacies awaits us, during which we will learn what oyster plantations look like, as well as get acquainted with some of the peculiarities of the life of molluscs, learn about the beneficial properties of this product and its beneficial effect on the human body. And, of course, we will be able to enjoy the freshest delicacy combined with aromatic French wine. For beginners, a master class will be held – we will master the skill of opening oyster shells, serving them correctly, as well as with what and how to use them correctly.