Tour Description

Empurabrava is one of the “young” and very popular tourist towns in Catalonia. Some 40 years ago, it was a deserted sea bay, and now it is the dream of almost every yacht owner. Empuriabrava is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful places not only on the Costa Brava, but throughout Spain.

The main feature of the small town is the system of branched city canal streets (with a total length of about 37 km). Yes, yes, like Venice, this city is literally built on the water. The similarities between cities are undeniably obvious, but with the only difference that Empuriabrava is the modern interpretation of the city of canals – modern canal technologies have helped create a city with the least interference with the original ecosystem. Beautiful mountain landscapes, endless sea spaces and clean sandy beaches perfectly coexist here. On the land side, Empuriabrava is surrounded by a natural park, and there is not a single industrial enterprise nearby, which allows us to speak about the high environmental friendliness of the resort.

In addition, a vacation in Catalan Venice makes it possible to visit many monuments of medieval architecture – about an hour’s drive from the town there are 125 popular tourist sites (including the famous Dalí Museum in Figueres, and the mystical medieval village of Castellón de Ampúries), and very close the oldest Greek settlement on the Iberian Peninsula is located – the ancient city of Emporion, a trip to archaeological sites will be a real gift for lovers of ancient legends. For those who cannot imagine a quality holiday without communication with nature, there is an excellent opportunity to visit the Empordà Nature Reserve – it is inhabited by many species of birds and mammals. For comfortable walks in the park, there are walking and cycling routes.

Empuriabrava will not leave indifferent fans of outdoor activities – sea fishing, diving, kite surfing and water skiing, parachuting, as well as kayaking and canyoning are very popular here. Or you can just rent a motor boat and “wander” for a long, long time along the azure canal-streets of the picturesque city.