Surfing in Barcelona is one of the most popular pastimes. If this type of vacation is for you, then it will be useful to find out where to catch the wave for both experienced surfers and beginners.

In Barcelona you can find both classic surfing and its varieties. Stand-Up Paddling, which uses a large paddle board, is gaining popularity. In the world, this type of surfing is considered one of the most popular, since it does not require special sports skills, is safe enough and not as difficult to learn as its other brethren. In addition, it can be a great alternative to walking, which motivates a large number of people to try their hand at keeping balance on the water. The Catalan Surfing Association holds an annual SUP competition every winter and summer. Along with paddle surfing, anyone can try their hand at longboard surfing, kite surfing and windsurfing.

Is surfing in Barcelona seasonal or all year round?

Unlike the same Hawaiian Islands, the Mediterranean Sea is not very suitable for year-round surfing. The season in Barcelona begins in autumn and lasts until spring, while in summer the chances of catching a wave are minimized, but on New Year’s Eve you will be guaranteed to enjoy skiing. In winter, the water temperature does not drop below 11-14 degrees, but it is worth stocking up on neoprene suits for comfortable skiing. On average, there are only 70-80 days a year in Barcelona that are suitable for surfing, while in other regions there are 200-250 days of great waves. Most often it happens in the north, for example, in the Basque Country.

Where to catch the wave in Catalonia

The choice of beach for surfing in Catalonia is not so small, great waves can be found in places like Sitges, Tarragona, Masnou, Vilanova, Castelldelfels, Gava. Good conditions for experienced surfers in Barceloneta and Castelldelfels, where the sea comes from the south.

What about surf schools?

Every year the number of schools where you can study is growing. There are many schools to be found in northern Spain, however, when it comes to Barcelona, ​​three schools are most often named. One of them is the most popular and recognized at the European level. The Pukas brand originated in the Basque Country as surfboard manufacturers and later became the founders of a network of surf schools throughout Spain. Today this brand is considered one of the best in Europe, sponsoring the World Surfing Championships.